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High Impact Resume Writer, Expert Career Coach and Former Senior Recruiter helps job seekers to:
  • Bounce back Game Plan from a  job loss
  • Career Change and  Transition into a New Role
  • Get Noticed with compelling Resumes and LinkedIn Profile
  • Find the Job you Love like a Recruiter
  • Be Memorable. Interview Convincingly and  Win the Job


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Resume Services and Expert Career Coaching

For Career Professionals at any stage of their career

Resume Services

Resumes | LinkedIn | Cover Letter

High Impact well-crafted Resumes, LinkedIn, and Cover Letters tells your  unique career story and grabs the attention of Hiring Managers to get you an interview

Early Career

Build Your Career. Show Your Capabilities

0 to 2 years of professional experience
Entry-level, New Grads, Interns, New Hires


Accomplished Pro. Looking for Next Steps.

3+ years of professional experience.
Mid-career. Individual Contributors. Managers

Advance Pro

Demonstrates Leadership and Expertise

Six figure, Director, VP, Leaders, General Counsel, Decision Makers

Career Coaching

Job Search |Interview Prep |New  to the Workforce

In depth, and one-on-one Career Coaching to help you at any stage of your career journey whether you are starting out,  in transition or making a change.


Job Search Strategy

Find A Job Faster

A coordinated approach, methods, and techniques to “Search Jobs like Recruiters”. 


Interview Prep

Be Confident. Be Memorable

Mock Interview. Practice run to get you ready for the all important event.

New to the Workforce

Launch Your Career

Provide clarity  and direction. A structured approach. A road map to guide you through your career journey.

 How Do I know I need a Career Coach?

Does this sound familiar?

Plain “STUCK”

Not getting "HITS" on your resume

Starting out and don’t know what to do

Performance reviews

"FREEZING UP" on Interviews.
Networking on LinkedIn "FREAKS YOU OUT"
Working at a new company, a new gig, or a new leader
Making a MAJOR career change or move
You tried SELF-HELP or DIY and its not working
Negotiating a salary, new position or an agreement

Everyone Needs A Coach

Reasons to Work with A Coach 


Achieve Your Goals Faster

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We built our coaching programs with the belief to get you to achieve your goal, create an impact on your career and change your life in the least possible time and the right way.



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Our action-oriented programs are a result of our experience in hiring, inside knowledge and actual industry experience. We can bring a resolution to a situation you are currently in and create a positive impact on your career.


Big Picture Vision

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Bringing us into the conversation can help identify the barriers or obstacles you may have not seen and stopped you from moving forward in your career.


Build Your Confidence

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Communicate your responses with poise and ease. A step by step plan to promote your brand and tell your story


It's All About You

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We create a personalized plan designed to meet your goals but also how you can best achieve them.



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We are in this together.   It is rewarding to help  you achieve your goals and  find your SUCCESS.


Meet Your Coach

Career Coach and Professional Mentor

Todd Dhillon is a Career Coach and Professional Mentor with over 15 years of experience as Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and Career Coach.  Now he’s coaching YOU !

He is an expert in the use of behavioral interviewing techniques and has made career coaching his specialty and have helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs.

Over the years, Todd interviewed thousands of well-qualified people and watched them make major Career and interviewing mistakes – and lose the job to someone else. Although he wanted to help them, obviously he couldn’t because he was on the other side of the desk.

Todd made the change to Career interviewing, coaching and mentoring in order to peruse his passion in helping people to succeed in their profession and achieve their dreams

Todd knows what companies are looking for and how they evaluate candidates — and he shares that knowledge with his coaching clients.

By the Numbers

Years of Coaching Experience

Dream Jobs Landed


Negotiated Salary Increase

Partial list of Companies where my clients have landed

People I’ve Worked With

Client Testimonials

“This helped me get the job! TalentJab coaching helped me see what my strengths are and formulate how to answer questions professionally with answers that make you look and feel so smart and you are just yourself”

Thank you, Todd, for everything you have done for me!

Being coached by Todd was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Todd is the most experienced coach, a real professional, and a wonderful human being. In just a few sessions he has taught me the art of excelling in every interview. Todd made me feel confident and knowledgeable with interviews, negotiations and landing a great job beyond my expectations. I am now working for a great company with the salary that I wanted.

I highly recommend Todd for those who want to get everything they want from their next job. The whole process was fun, and it made me change my mindset about how to get your dream job easily.

Thank you again, Todd, I will never forget what you have done for me.

Roger H

Operations Analyst, San Francisco, CA

Todd helped me land my dream job! I never felt so confident going into an interview!

I learned that interviewing is an art and science and no one knows it better than Todd. Having missed out on a few job opportunities due to unsuccessful interviews, I signed up for TalentJab’s interview coaching program to help me strengthen my skills.

As a result of what Todd taught me, I nailed the next three interviews I went on which resulted in an offer for the job of my dreams!

Getting Todd’s help is the best investment I`ve ever made, and he will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. I would highly recommend Todd for your interviewing and  career coaching needs!

Ryan D

Project Manager, San Jose, CA

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