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Best for Career Changers, Stuck, Unemployed, Underemployed,

In Mid-Career or Late Career Stage

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Looking for a job can be a frustrating and never-ending dilemma. Something is not going right in your search and you can’t figure out why!

Did you know that 85% of jobs are not advertised?  In today’s job market it is more than just submitting resumes and hoping for the best . It requires a  plan and a coordinated approach to land your dream job faster.

Here at TalentJab, we are expert in the subject of job search strategies, methods and technique which includes Branding, Networking, and Social media. We will teach and and train you – how to sell and market “you as a product” .

The Job Search Strategy is a one-on-one coaching program best suited  if you are stuck in a “rut” , looking to transition your career or currently unemployed or underemployed and want better pay.

How Do I Know
I Need Coaching?

Everybody Needs A Coach

Top Athletes, Artists, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, high-net-worth individuals and top professionals recognize the value of coaching.

Why shouldn’t you have a coach committed to your success?

A coach that can help , identify barriers that you have not seen or realized existed to unlock your potential. 

Partner With Your Coach To Land Your Dream Job Faster

Together we will  develop a “Winning Search Strategy” to achieve your career goals


My approach to coaching

My goal is to get you to achieve your goal, create an impact on your career and change your life in the least possible time and the right way. 

I will guide you through the career maze process to determine the best path for you, make it easier  for you to navigate the complex job search process and then work with you to make your dream career a reality.

 As a former Corporate Recruiter with Fortune 500 companies and HR Staffing Manager, I know exactly what type of answers to questions the Hiring managers are looking for . I have seen hundreds of job seekers come in and make the same mistakes over and over again, frustrated and not getting the job. I know the many errors that candidates make before, during and after the interview process. I will ensure that you avoid these errors and that you present your qualifications effectively to convert your  interview into a job offer. 

Here’s What to Expect on Your Coaching Sessions

A Winning Search Strategy that will showcase your skills, expertise and personality to achieve your career goals.

Individual Coaching Plan

A discovery session to to develop a plan that aligns with your career goals. An assessment of skills and interest, personality, concerns and expectations. Discover your strengths and develop a strategic plan that is specific to you

Career Roadmap

We can help you in a career strategy, which can include focused career job search, progression or career-change goals, managing your transition, as well as assistance with identifying and pursuing new opportunities.



The focus will be building your brand and social presence. Develop a winning strategy to sell and market you as a product.


Discover and develop a strategic networking plan that is specific to you to connect with  people and places , open doors material to moving your career forward


An honest assessment of your skills that will highlight clearly the areas that we feel need improving. We are experienced in providing feedback in a very straight forward and constructive manner and will set out a plan for improvement.

E-mail Follow-up to your Coaching Session

Our support does not stop at the end of the coaching session. To enhance your chances of success, we will remain at your disposal by email. For a period of up to three months we will support you via email should you have any questions, worries or issues that you want to discuss with us relating to your coaching. By giving you direct access to your interview trainer at all times, you can be guaranteed a very friendly and personal service. You will be able to back up what you learn with the free resources that we will email you.

Start Your Session in 3 Steps

Let’s Work Together

Book A Session

Pick a date and time to schedule your first session

Welcome Kit

You will receive an email from your coach with instructions on the next steps

Work with Your Coach

Via phone or Skype. We’ll review your current situation and begin your interview sessions

Job Search Coaching Package

Career Changers| Stuck in a “Rut” | Unemployed|Underemployed |Mid-Career|Late-Career

Job Search Strategy


Two-60 minutes phone sessions of career guidance

Who is it for?

Best for career changers, unemployed, underemployed and those who are seeking better opportunities.

What's Included:
  • How to “Search Jobs like Recruiters”. Skip HR, ATS and Job boards
  • Exclusive Resume distribution strategy, specific to your industry
  • How to find the key decision-makers with the prospective employer
  • Job description and Resume review to determine the key factors of the position
  • LinkedIn profile that separates you from the rest. Attracts Recruiters and Hiring Manager
  • Networking strategy to encourage professionals in your field to connect with you.
  • Strategies on how to “sell and market you like a product”
  • Recruiter’s Perspective, hiring process and expectation
  • Bonus Job search Action Planner checklist
  • Address specific concern and challenges
  • Follow up email and personal phone support


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the coach’s qualification?

Todd Dhillon is a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with over 15 years of professional experience as a Career Coach, Hiring Manager, and Recruiting Manager. He is an expert in the use of behavioral interviewing techniques and has made career coaching his specialty and have helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs. You will come away with confidence and competitive advantage over other candidate interviewing for the same position you want

How it does work?

Once you purchase a package and schedule a time, you will be provided with a link to call in for the conference call that you will use the day of your session.
Depending on the package you purchase, the first session will consist of a mock interview or a coaching session. Your coach will outline, the session format and tell you what to expect and how to prepare in the welcome email.

How do I know which package is right for me?

This Job Search Strategy Package is best for career changers, unemployed, underemployed, stuck in a rut, and those who are seeking for better opportunities. The focus is on your job search techniques and strategy.

Two-60 minutes phone sessions.

What is your refund policy?
All sales are final, but our coaches will work with you to provide ample availability to schedule your Interview Coaching session.
You are responsible for attending your scheduled Interview Coaching session or providing notice within 12 hours of a need to reschedule. Repeated no-shows or late cancellations could result in terminating your order without refund.
How far in advance do I need to book a Coaching Session?
Generally, coaching appointments can be scheduled within a few days as long as your schedule is reasonably flexible. In some cases, same day appointments can be made. However, keep in mind coaching slots may fill up quickly so the more advanced notice, the better
What days and times are you available?

Coaching Sessions are scheduled Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST.

What do I need to send you in advance of an upcoming coaching session?

The only thing I need in advance from you (in addition to payment) is an emailed copy of your resume, Job Description, and the name of the employer

Do I have to be in the United States to schedule a coaching session?

No, as long as you have a phone and a valid credit card, there is no requirement that you be in the United States. Please keep in mind, however, that my expertise is based on U.S. experience and my advice, while generally applicable to any job interview worldwide, may not be specifically relevant to the job search situation in your country.

Do you provide help with Resume?

Yes, we do, and this is one of our specialties!
(1) We can review and critique your resume and provide feedback
(2) We will create, and custom fit your resume to match the specific job that you’re interested in

What kinds of people do you help?
We’ve helped job seekers from all levels of skills and industries that are seeking coaching for their Career or interviews preparation as well as Personal Branding at Non-Profit Organizations, Fortune 500 companies, Government, Startups, and more.
Why should I use career Coaching?

When you are preparing for the most crucial event in your life, which would determine the wellbeing of you and your family, there is no substitute for role-playing with an expert and professional feedback.
Besides, if you weigh the cost of the coaching against your potential salary, it makes logical sense to invest in securing assistance with interview coaching.

What is your philosophy of coaching?

In essence, I believe every person has the great potential to have fantastic success in life. I want to bring that potential to reality.

I truly believe that my success in getting this position was due to the personal
Interview Coaching I received from your program. It was exactly what I needed. I had
been down in the dumps, not feeling good about myself and I knew that was wrong.
Your words gave me a huge burst of self-confidence.

Roxanne Taylor

Project Manager, San Jose, CA

Personal interview coaching helped me to understand my strengths better and prepared
me to articulate them in a way far more effectively and positively than in the past. I got
the Job!
Mahantesh H.

Hardware Engineer, California

I highly recommend this service! It gave me the confidence to secure employment at a
company I had been applying to for years with no success. I was offered more pay than
what I had asked. I am pleased with my dream job! So glad I took the TalentJab
coaching program! I don’t think I would have felt so prepared without it! 

Alice W.

Data Scientist, Seattle, WA