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Hiring Managers to get you an interview.

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Tell Your Story

Resume |LinkedIn|Cover Letter

You need to communicate your value to employers or your audience with well-written materials to showcase your skills, strengths, and expertise and position yourself the go-to candidate. Your Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter all working together to tell your story.

A comprehensive approach that includes the development and creation of a high-impact resume and LinkedIn profile, career guidance, strategy, branding, and a roadmap to reach your career and professional goals

Does Any of this sound familiar?

You have sent "Tons of resumes" and NO "HITS"

The other dude is getting called for interviews and you are not

You don't recognize your own resume

You find it hard to articulate your skills and expertise

You are not sure what to add, include or remove

ATS, keyword optimization is all GREEK to you

Too Much details to deal with, headlines, font's, margins...

Starting out and don’t know what to do

It has been a while since your job search

Your goals have changed
Your situation is complicated
Making a MAJOR career change or move
You tried SELF-HELP or DIY and its not working
Writing a cover letter is a chore
You need to be on LinkedIn but don't know how

highly personalized approach

Your resume is a sales proposal, the intention is to attract the attention of the Recruiter or Hiring Manager and land you an interview. My approach results in a professional, effective job matching resume that is ATS scan ready and search engine optimized

I personally work with you to develop and craft high-impact, performance-driven resumes, for any industry, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters that stand out, tells your distinct story and positions you the go-to candidate.

As a former Recruiter and Hiring Manager, with over 10 years of experience, I know what the key decision-makers look for in a resume. My services are an investment in your career.  


85% of resumes are rejected by ATS screener and never get

to the Recruiter or Hiring Managers desk

Here’s What to Expect 

A highly personalized approach. No templates. No lenthy questionnaires.

You get the total package as opposed to hiring a Resume Writer. As a former Recruiter and Hiring Manager, I know how to get pass software filters and what decision-makers look for in a candidate.
One-on-One Consultation
Before putting pen on paper. I will have a conversation with you to understand your particular career situation prior to writing any documents.
100% Customized. No templates
Crafted for you exclusively to tell your unique career story.No lengthy questionnaires just a copy of your resume, and a conversation with you.
Turn around time

Fast turnaround time for drafts. Finished product delivered in 5 business days after draft approval. Files in Microsoft and PDF formats.

Machine (ATS) ready and keyword optimized
A modern resume that is ATS scan ready and search engine optimized
Double Your Interviews
Most candidates see an uptick with an interview request with a professionally written resume

How It Works?


Select A Career Service

Make a service selection based on where you are in your career

Book the Service

Order your selection. An email will follow from your coach on the next steps.

Session with Coach

An in-depth discussion with coach prior to the first document draft.


Draft delivered in 5 working days after the session.  Finalize Docs after your approval.

Resume Services and Packages

Resumes | LinkedIN | Cover Letters


Show Your Potential and Capabilities

0 to 2 years of professional experience

Best For:
  • New hires, recent graduates, or college juniors/seniors, Interns
  • Individuals with 0 – 2 years of professional experience
  • Those who want to stand out from the crowd
  • People with the desire to show what they are capable of


Highlight Experience and Accomplishments

3+ years of professional experience 

Best For:
  • Managers, Individual Contributors, Career Changers or Switchers
  • 3+  years of professional experience
  • Solid performers looking to advance, possibly to a management role
  • Those with a track record of delivering key accomplishments
  • People eager to show what they can do on the next level


Demonstrates Leadership and Expertise

C-level, Director, VP, Leaders, General Counsel, Decision Makers

Best For:
  • Directors, Senior Directors and Vice Presidents wanting to move into an executive leadership position
  • People with 15+ years of professional experience
  • Strategic thinkers with considerable expertise and team leadership
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the coach’s qualification?
Todd Dhillon is a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with over 15 years of professional experience as a Career Coach, Hiring Manager, and Recruiting Manager. He is an expert in the use of behavioral interviewing techniques and has made career coaching his specialty and have helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs. You will come away with confidence and competitive advantage over other candidate interviewing for the same position you want
How it does work?
Once you purchase a package and schedule a time, you will be provided with a link to call in for the conference call that you will use the day of your session.
Your coach will outline, the session format and tell you what to expect and how to prepare in the welcome email.
How do I know which package is right for me?
Our #1 Expert Interview package is suited for Job seekers looking for help and practice run before the all-important event. It focuses on a mock interview and will arm you with the tools and confidence to nail the big interview. This package consists of an in-depth 2 hours by 60 minutes telephone coaching session

Our #2 Xpress Interview package is the same as the Expert program. However, this is for folks who don’t have a whole lot of time – they need it immediately and urgently!
This popular package consists of one 90-minute telephone coaching sessions

What is your refund policy?
All sales are final, but our coaches will work with you to provide ample availability to schedule your coaching session (s).
You are responsible for attending your scheduled Coaching session or providing notice within 12 hours of a need to reschedule. Repeated no-shows or late cancellations could result in terminating your order without refund.
How far in advance do I need to book a Coaching Session?
Generally, coaching appointments can be scheduled within a few days as long as your schedule is reasonably flexible. In some cases, same day appointments can be made. However, keep in mind coaching slots may fill up quickly so the more advanced notice, the better
What days and times are you available?
Coaching Sessions are scheduled Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST.
What do I need to send you in advance of an upcoming coaching session?
The only thing I need in advance from you (in addition to payment) is an emailed copy of your resume, job description, and the name of the employer
Do I have to be in the United States to schedule a coaching session?
No, as long as you have a phone and a valid credit card, there is no requirement that you be in the United States. Please keep in mind, however, that my expertise is based on U.S. experience and my advice, while generally applicable to any job interview worldwide, may not be specifically relevant to the job search situation in your country.
Do you provide help with Resume?
Yes, we do, and this is one of our specialties!
(1) We review and critique your resume and provide feedback
(2) We will create, and custom fit your resume to match the specific job that you’re interested.

Please note we do not provide Resume Preparation Services.


What kinds of people do you help?
We’ve helped job seekers from all levels of skills and industries that are seeking coaching for their Career or interviews preparation as well as Personal Branding at Non-Profit Organizations, Fortune 500 companies, Government, Startups, and more.
Why should I use Interview Coaching?
When you are preparing for the most crucial event in your life, an Interview which would determine the wellbeing of you and your family, there is no substitute for role-playing with an expert and professional feedback.
Besides, if you weigh the cost of the interview coaching against your potential salary, it makes logical sense to invest in securing assistance with interview coaching.
What is your philosophy of coaching?
In essence, I believe every person has the great potential to have fantastic success in life. I want to bring that potential to reality.
I applied for 30 jobs and received 20 interviews. Todd asks the right questions and is a great listener. My new resume and LinkedIn profile completely reflects my brand and shows my accomplishments written professionally. Trust me it was all worth paying for the service.
Diana Grace

Operations Assistant

“Awesome!” Truly unbelievable! I was offered a job on the spot!  A $20K signing bonus! A nice $50K bump from my current salary.  More perks! A  new role! OMG! All because of your insight, expertise and hard work. The investment was worth it! Thank you very much!
Marc Lyon

Director, Software Engineer

Success! I was really in the dumps looking for a way out in my current situation. Your advice, insights, and expertise gave me the courage to move forward with a career change!  I am a much happier person now! Working with a great company and wonderful people. I have been “stuck” for years and thanks to you I am living my dream! I just wish I have talked to you sooner! Thank you very much!
Tyler M

Digital Marketing and Operations Analysts